Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Genres Come Alive Through Book Sculptures!

Today, students put their finishing touches on their group book sculptures representing the several literary genres! (Check out Day One here.) They turned out quite magnificent, D.A.T.A. Scholars!  See if you can guess the genres conveyed in the photos below!  Tomorrow, students will take a "Gallery Walk" and examine each other's sculptures, and then participate in online reflection on Edmodo (with uploaded photos of each sculpture) explaining the genres each sculpture represents and evidence to back up their inferences.  They will also choose a sculpture to inspire a short written narrative.  What a fun way to start off the year to encourage both reading and writing!

Students also worked on illustrating symbols for genres when they finished!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to School! - Book Sculptures Project

Welcome back to school, D.A.T.A. scholars!  We're back in the swing of things in Room A-4 with an exciting start to the school year with an emphasis on reading!  Students have begun their independent reading after a visit to the school library and are in the process of working in groups to construct book sculptures centered on literary genres.  Our inspiration came from an in-depth analysis and great class conversation (using "Visible Thinking Strategies") on the book sculptures of the artist Su Blackwell.  Students are in the process of creating book sculptures to convey genres of literature such as comedy, tragedy, horror/thriller, action/adventure, fantasy, romance, fairy tale, science fiction, myth, and more!  Check out some great starts below!