Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fun Memories - Going Back in Time...

It has been a tremendously fun year as D.A.T.A. scholars have worked diligently and learned a bunch while enjoying the process!  Here's one final memory...a visit by Mr. Urwick (parent of a student) who brought students back in time to Medieval Japan and Medieval Europe through hands-on activities and realia.  Students were taught to speak and write in Japanese, played a "chopsticks" game, saw pictures from Mr. Urwick's time living in Japan, ate seaweed, and even tried on Japanese and Medieval European clothing!  A fond farewell to you, D.A.T.A. Scholars...until next year! :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hot Off the Press! - Magazine Oral Presentations

Which magazines will YOU subscribe to?  This is the question posed to students today as they watched their classmates present their online magazines using Adobe Portfolio, videos, music, props, demos, and more!  Using persuasive dialogue, presenters try and give a detailed "sneak peek" of their magazines in order to convince their classmates to subscribe to their magazines!  As students watch presentations, they diligently take notes and fill out subscription cards for their "Top 8" magazines!  Enjoy the photos and short video clips of some impressive presentations thus far!
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the magazine presentations below!

Check out a video of a beginning of an "X-Games" magazine presentation here:

A self-choreographed dance performed:

Take an exciting ride on a simulated safari here:

Subscription Cards to fill out during presentations:

Making a croissant:

Let's take a ride underwater!
A fun ride "underwater" and a "sea" pacman attention-grabber:

An attention-grabber putting us in the "shoes" of the field hockey player:

A show-and-tell of swim trophies and medals:
Audience interaction and discussion of favorite sports:

A live demo of dance as an attention-grabber:
A "how-to" get ready for a performance & not get stage fright:
A call for volunteers to learn and perform a dance routine:

A live demo of "How to Fake Punch & Slap" for Showbiz...

A live demo of "how-to make cupcakes":

A clever montage "art" video attention-grabber:
A detailed "How to Draw a Dragon" explanation:
Sketchbooks and art supplies "show and tell" too:

A live concert:

 Camp set-up, demo, & Q&A:
 S'mores treat too!

Chocolate-covered strawberry surprise:

Sea Shells brought from Hawaii:

An app that shows wait-time for Disneyland rides:

Proud students receive the subscription cards from their classmates!