Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Social Media Get-to-know-you Project!

This post is a bit late, but wanted to share how students in A-4 shared about themselves through social media formats during the first week of school!  Students designed iPads, Twitter pages, Instagram pages, Facebook pages, etc. to share interests and facts about themselves!  Check out the creative work below...

Halloween & Common Core!

In the spirit of Halloween, students researched a "legendary creature" and wrote a report in an online presentation format of their choice.  Students were challenged to explain and include citations for these 5 categories:  Description/Symbolism of creature, Origins, Comparison to other legendary creatures, Connections to the culture/country from which it came, and Modern Use of that creature today.  Then, students shared their creature reports in a collaborative group online using Google Classroom and read at least 5 other students' reports.  From each creature report, they gleaned one creature feature to create their own "supercreature," which they explained the "discovery" of in an informative news article.  

Making Multicolored Mosaics Modeling the Romans and the Arabs!

Students imitated the Romans and Arabs by making multicolored mosaics made of paper, beads, glass tiles, and even online mosaics using their netbooks!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mini Mecca Models

Students modeled exemplary teamwork as they worked in teams of eight to construct a mini model of the city of Mecca--the origins of the religion of Islam--with the mosque as its focal point.  Each team of eight or nine was responsible for a different aspect of Islam including the mosque (Kabah, minaret, muezzin), trade (bazaar), spread of Islam (Muhammad, caliphs, conquest), and geography (Bedouin campsites).  Students began the activity with in-depth research and note-taking using Edmodo, where Miss Lukins had posted a variety of pictures, photos, website links, a flythrough 3D video of the Kabah, a video of Muslims praying, and even MP3 music of a muezzin singing the call to prayer!  Then, students sketched a "blueprint" of their piece of the model in preparation for building.  Finally, students used their creativity to construct their piece of Mecca using art supplies, paper, paper plates/cups, and more!  Students worked together to make their pieces come together to recreate their version of this important city to Muslims.  Students then shared their creations at a class "Mecca Museum" in which students became "curators" and taught each other, adding Bedouin food, music, and lighting to make their projects come alive. Classmates took notes on pull factors, connections to modern day, big ideas, and interesting facts.  Below you will see pictures of the process and finished products and reflections! Enjoy!