Sunday, July 17, 2016

Welcome Back to D.A.T.A.!

Welcome back to another wonderful year at De Anza Academy of Technology & the Arts!  Miss Lukins is excited to embark on another fun-filled year of learning with her new batch of scholars in Room A-4!  This classroom blog highlights student learning and technology and art driven projects aimed at inviting students to think critically and experience literature and history firsthand.  Enjoy a few "sneak peeks" of projects to come below and enjoy the school year!
Photo taken by Nick K. 7th grader of Photography Club 2012-2013

Click on titles or images for more detail about each project:

History Alive! Medieval Europe Video Newscasts

Connecting with Common Core - 

GMO Socratic Smackdown! Collaborative Discussion  & Class Debate:

Silk Road Animaps (Animated Maps)

Edmodo Daily Journaling:

The Fall of the Roman Empire Project-Based Learning Community Service Project:

My Silk Road Journey

"Hire me as your next samurai!" Project: