Friday, May 19, 2017

Modern Galileos Travel to the Moon and Mars!

Students, pretending to be Galileo, simulated his experience looking at the Moon through his telescope by using modern technology--Google Earth--to travel to the Moon and Mars!  Students observed and sketched the surface of the Moon or Mars and shared their observations and drawings with the class, just as Galileo sketched the Moon and shared with the public during the Scientific Revolution era.  Then, students posted their findings and analysis on Edmodo to share their thoughts with the class, including how their observations connected to those of Galileo's, and they each wrote a hypothesis about the surface and structure of the Moon or Mars.  Enjoy the fun below!

Ninja Turtle Renaissance Art Activity!

Students were thrilled to partake in the "Ninja Turtle Renaissance Art Activity" today!  Each student got a choice to pretend to be one of the four "ninja turtles"--more appropriately known as Renaissance artists--Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, or Raphael, and simulate their artistic style.  Leonardo da Vincis drew realistic portraits or objects, possibly even with a "futuristic" twist showing a possible future invention.  Michelangelos taped paper under their desk and drew a scene while lying on the floor to imitate Michelangelo's painting of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Donatellos sculpted an object or living being using Play-Doh or clay, while Raphaels drew a scene using one-point perspective, like his famous "School of Athens" fresco.  After drawing, students commented on their own artwork explaining their piece using descriptive language and color symbolism.  Finally, the class participated in a "Gallery Walk" in which they walked around enjoying each others' artwork, while commenting on several pieces using the VTS strategy "Connect, Extend, Challenge" (What can you connect to the Renaissance person you are currently studying for the Renaissance Faire Project?  What extended your learning or what did you learn from an art piece?  What challenges you still or what more are you curious about?)  Enjoy the fun and the artistic talent below!