Saturday, February 23, 2013


With one-to-one computing at D.A.T.A., teachers have the opportunity to use DYKNOW, an amazing classroom management and interactive learning software.  It allows teachers to monitor each student's computer screen, broadcast PowerPoint presentations on their screens, have students participate in interactive quizzes and checks for understanding, open an educational "chat" room for students among students or students with teachers, poll student progress, and many more features.  Check out the YouTube video below highlighting DYKNOW and D.A.T.A.!
If you cannot access YouTube, watch the video here:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Japan's Geography - Advantages vs. Disadvantages

Students used their research skills and persuasive writing skills to compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages to Japan's geography.  After taking notes on both sides, including finding statistics and pictures for each side, students wrote a persuasive essay arguing a thesis either for more advantages or more disadvantages to Japan's geography, including persuasive techniques such as the use of statistics, sentence variety, addressing readers' concerns, providing counterarguments, and even supporting their ideas with citations from resources and endnotes.  Enjoy some student samples below...



I Haiku...Do You?

It was such a pleasure to put a "pause" on technology and focus on the arts today.  Students enjoyed making origami and writing haiku poems, creating a painting/collage of their haiku, and translating their haiku into Japanese.  Using straws to blow the paint into forms such as trees, volcanoes, earthquake cracks, and even samurai, students interpreted their somewhat random art piece into a symbol of Japan.  Then, using Google Translate, students wrote their haiku poems in both English and Japanese calligraphy onto their art piece.  Amazing work, D.A.T.A. scholars!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

China Performance-Based Test

Students excelled at a performance-based test where they were able to show off their knowledge on Ancient China!  Based on Joni Chancer's "Unpacking Cultures", students created a picture collage and written responses centered on analytical questions, including four overall categories:  Systems, Honor & Beliefs, Geography, and Tools & Technology.  Enjoy the demonstrations of knowledge and learning below--way to go D.A.T.A. Scholars!