Sunday, February 26, 2017

GMO PBL - Language Arts, Science, & Math Come Together!

Science, math, & LA in class? GMO PBL in progress--analyzing student data/statistics with Google forms & categorizing GMO benefits and concerns!

Silk Road Animaps (Animated Maps)!

Students enjoyed tracking their Silk Road adventures on an interactive map-making website called Animaps! Students pretended to be Chinese explorers traveling along the Silk Road to far off places, such as Persia, Arabia, Africa, and even the Byzantine and Roman Empires!  Along the way, they journaled about trade encounters, explained the geography and architecture they observed, and even marveled about cultural exchanges! 

 Click on each map below to enjoy the animated maps telling of Silk Road journeys:

Enjoy some snippets of journeys too:

3-D Models too!