Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blending Novel and Poetry...

Students enjoyed reading both the novel Seedfolks and poetry written by Paul Fleischman and reflecting on their learning of the novel's characters through poetry of their own!  After finishing the novel, students read a poem from Fleischman's book of poetry entitled Joyful Noise--Poems for Two Voices (poems meant to be read aloud by two narrators).  The poem read was "Honeybees" which is narrated simultaneously by a worker bee and queen bee contrasting their lives and feelings as honeybees.  After comparing and contrasting these two points of view in discussion boards online, students then mimicked the poetic style of Fleischman by writing a "Two Voice" poem of their own narrating from the point of view of two different Seedfolks characters.  The results were magnificent!  Enjoy the creative writing below! 

Paul Fleischman's poem "Honeybees":

Students' "Two Voice" poems on Seedfolks characters:

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