Sunday, February 12, 2012

Making a Japanese Delicacy with a Twist - Candy Sushi!

On Monday, February 13, 2012 (a pre-Valentine's Day activity), students will practice their technical direction writing and teamwork skills to work in a group to figure out how to make and teach someone else to make candy sushi!  Since we are currently studying Japan's geography--specifically the effects of natural resources on the country--in World Geography and analyzing/writing technical directions in Language Arts, what a perfect way to blend the curriculum and have some sweet fun too! :)  Students working in teams will:
  1. Research history/creation of sushi on web sites on
  2. Observe photos of candy sushi.
  3. Draft a plan to create the candy sushi.
  4. Begin constructing the candy sushi step-by-step.
  5. Use their electronic camera (e-cam) on their netbooks to take photos of each step.
  6. Create a PowerPoint presentation of technical directions including: Title slide, List of materials slide, Steps in order (each with a written direction and e-cam photo), Conclusion slide(s) explaining how and why Japan uses its natural resources to create sushi.
  7. Create an advertisement with the purpose of selling the candy sushi.
  8. Reflect on this activity on message boards on (roles, what went well, what could have been improved).
  9. Enjoy a sweet sushi treat! :)
Here are a few pictures of example candy sushi Miss Lukins created:

Catch the students in action here--constructing sushi, writing technical directions, & creating advertisements:

  • Rachel A
    Rachel A
    I think making the candy sushi went well because all the members were working in a team and we had no arguments about anything because we had no major problems. The sushi did come out a little messy, but we made about 13 pieces of candy sushi with Anahi and I working on the sushi as a team and Billy finishing the advertisement and Jesus working on the PowerPoint. Our sushi did taste good at the end and everyone had their share, but there was one left over (we had to decide) All in all we had a fun time making the sushi!

  • Alexandra A
    Alexandra A
    I think what worked out the best in our group was that there was much communication, and hard work as well as effort from everyone in the group. Something that could have been changed was that we might have had a little too much communication.

  • Rachel ARachel A
    1.) The group members were…

    -Anahi, who helped make the candy sushi
    -Billy, who made the advertisement
    -Jesus who made the technical directions on how to make candy sushi
    -Rachel, who helped make the sushi

    2.) The participation grades for the group members were…

    –I would give Anahi a 10 on participation because she helped make the sushi by getting all the candy ingredients we needed for the sushi and help make the advertisement with Billy.
    -I would give Jesus a 10 because he did make the whole PowerPoint on his netbook and took good pictures of each step on the sushi.
    -I would give Billy a 9 for finishing up the advertisement and helped me and Anahi on the sushi a little.
    -I would give myself a 9 for making all the candy sushi along with Anahi helping me as well.

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