Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hot off the Press! - Magazine Presentations!

Which magazines will YOU subscribe to?  This is the question posed to students today as they watched their first few classmates present their online magazines using Adobe Portfolio, videos, music, props, demos, and more!  Using persuasive dialogue, presenters try and give a detailed "sneak peek" of their magazines in order to convince people to subscribe to their magazines!  As students watch presentations, they diligently take notes and fill out subscription cards for their "Top 8" magazines!  Enjoy the photos and short video clips of some impressive presentations thus far!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the souvenirs from around the world and in-flight magazine presented by Flight Attendant Summer!

Learn meanings of internet symbols and a home-made computer game video using editing software!

Treat your lips to a makeover with homemade flavor-full lip gloss and this magazine!

Got cheese?  Learn about the NEWEST cheese on the market with this magazine!

Self-made "Top 15" music video created as an attention-grabbing lead and instructions on how to play chords on a guitar make this presentation a smash hit!

"Domestic Pets" magazine encourages students to be kind to animals, take care of pets, and even adopt one!

Self-created video montage & lego replica of amazing vehicles in "Engine Invention"!

Live pets visit too for a "real-life" camping experience!

Roller-coaster fun, souvenirs, and interaction with the audience in this presentation!

Live demonstration of how to download apps from an "Apple" magazine!

A live demo of technical directions on "How to Make a Milkshake", which the class got to enjoy afterwards!

Sweet treats, scrapbooks, posters, music, videos, and more were shared as the "show-and-tell" element of some presentations:

Live demonstrations too!

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