Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome to the Renaissance Faire!

What a fun day!  Today was our annual class Renaissance Faire!  Students transformed into their Renaissance eminent people decked out in costume and props with detailed poster projects and artifacts displayed.  Students presented their amazing work to classes who visited the faire and enjoyed getting into character!  Enjoy the festivities below!
VIDEO Sneak Peek of the Renaissance Faire:
Leonardo da Vinci:
 Sandro Botticelli:
Impressive replica of the famous painting "The Birth of Venus", don't you think?
Sir Francis Bacon:
VIDEO of Bacon reciting quotes (sorry, it's sideways):
William Shakespeare: 
VIDEO - Shakespeare recites a sonnet (sorry, it's sideways):

VIDEO - Shakespeare II (in another class period) interacts with audience:
Johann Gutenberg and his printing shop:
 Filippo Brunelleschi & the Florence Cathedral Dome:
 Andreas Vesalius--the first human dissector:
VIDEO - Newton shares his theory of gravity:
Christopher Columbus:
Nicolaus Copernicus:
 Martin Luther:
 Johannes Kepler
Pieter Brueghel:
Catherine de Medici and castle:
Queen Isabella:
Rene Descartes:
Hernan Cortez:
Robert Hooke:
VIDEO - Amerigo in character and accent too!:
Amerigo Vespucci:
 Queen Elizabeth I:
VIDEO - Students enjoy the Renaissance Faire:

 Raphael Sanzio:
Francisco Pizarro:
 Dante Aligheri:

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