Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chinese Invention Presentations!

Students presented their Chinese Invention Projects today (see other blog post introducing this project here) and enlightened each other about the history and impact on the world of Chinese inventions such as gunpowder, fireworks, the crossbow, the compass, paper, tea, noodles, the umbrella, the Great Wall, and more!  Enjoy some photos and videos of presentations below:
Watch a stop-motion movie on the Great Wall of China here:

Watch a trailer on Chinese noodles traded along the Silk Road here:
Watch a puppet show on Chinese noodles traded along the Silk Road here:
How to make Chinese noodles PowerPoint presentation:
Noodle puppets shared and even home-made Chinese noodles!

Watch a clay-mation movie of the Chinese zodiac here:

Watch a demo of the Chinese fishing reel after a Voicethread presentation & newscast:

Watch a stop-motion video of gunpowder:

Watch a movie about Chinese kites:

Watch a music video on the Chinese umbrella (Part 1 & 2):

Chinese Tea Ceremony:
And an interactive Jeopardy game!

Hand-made Chinese compasses! 

Hand-made Chinese crossbows! 

Ice-cream poster and PowerPoint presentation:

Tea Presentation & 3-D Model:

3-D Poster of Canals:

Chinese Art & Architecture:

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