Sunday, September 8, 2013

Utopian Society Project

"Utopia" is defined as "any real or imaginary society or place considered to be perfect or ideal."  In this project, students were challenged with creating their own version of "utopia" addressing one of the following scenarios:
  •  If you were one of the first humans to exist on earth, where would you live?
  • Which REAL historical civilization would you want to join?
  • Where would you live in a zombie apocalypse?
  • How might a futuristic society successfully thrive?
  • If you were to create an imaginary utopia, where would it be?
Students both illustrated and explained their ideal society using several components of geography:  location/landforms, climate, waterways, natural resources, food, movement, connections, architecture, communication, and entertainment.  Enjoy these creative worlds below:
Enjoy a 4-student collaboration of coexisting utopian societies on the Island of MASP:
Student #1 - Forest:
Student #2 - Volcano:
Student #3 - Canyon:
Student #4 - Mountain:

Even a utopian society created online using "Minecraft" video game:

A futuristic space station dwelling:

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