Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mini Mecca Models

Students modeled exemplary teamwork as they worked in teams of eight to construct a mini model of the city of Mecca--the origins of the religion of Islam--with the mosque as its focal point.  Each team of eight or nine was responsible for a different aspect of Islam including the mosque (Kabah, minaret, muezzin), trade (bazaar), spread of Islam (Muhammad, caliphs, conquest), and geography (Bedouin campsites).  Students began the activity with in-depth research and note-taking using Edmodo, where Miss Lukins had posted a variety of pictures, photos, web site links, a flythrough 3D video of the Kabah, a video of Muslims praying, and even MP3 music of a muezzin singing the call to prayer!  Then, students sketched a "blueprint" of their piece of the model in preparation for building.  Finally, students used their creativity to construct their piece of Mecca using art supplies, paper, paper plates/cups, and more!  Students worked together to make their pieces come together to recreate their version of this important city to Muslims.  Students then shared their creations at a class "Mecca Museum" in which students became "curators" and taught each other, while taking notes on "Unpacking Cultures" (systems, honor and beliefs, geography, and tools & technology).  Below you will see pictures of the process and finished products and reflections! Enjoy!

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