Thursday, March 17, 2016

GMO "Mission Impossible" Food Fair!

Students worked in teams to accomplish an impossible mission--to use a modern-day GMO to save an ancient civilization!  Each team was first given a mission impossible--a civilization and problem, such as "Roman Empire and Overpopulation" or "Medieval Europe & Black Death Disease".  Teams then researched their civilization, came up with a modern-day GMO to address that civilization's problem, and created a meal utilizing the modern-day GMO and at least 3 regional foods (based on the "Chopped" TV show).  Students used both technology and art to display their meal idea and arguments using citations.  Finally, teams showed off their ideas at a cross-class GMO Mission Impossible Fair!  Enjoy the photos from the exceptionally fun Fair Day below:

Click image below to see an "Emaze" presentation:

Click image below to view the Prezi:

Click image below to watch a video intro to the Black Death disease:

Click image below for full Piktochart:

Click image below to view the Prezi:

Click image below to see a GoAnimate video:

Click image below to view a Prezi on a Roman meal:

Click image below for the Outcome to this meal:

Students cited their sources on a Bibliography--Click image below (and scroll down):


  1. The GMO Food Fair was amazing.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed, gentlemen! You did a great job making it successful!