Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Video Games...Inspiration for Narrative Writing?

Students have been cordially invited to continue their impressive narrative writing throughout the year by publishing their very own "series" of stories (like chapters in a book) on (our online classroom) where they can not only post their writing, but invite their classmates to read and comment on their writing.  Several students have already embraced the challenge and have written two or three 1000+ word narratives within their very own series!  On top of this, who would have thought that video games could be their inspiration for outstanding narrative writing?  Yes, I said it!  Video games can be a twisted sort of way!  Hector G., 7th grade D.A.T.A. author, has proven this to be true with his riveting, heart-pounding, suspenseful "Army Logs" narratives each told by a different point of view--American and Russian so far--about a fictional, yet hauntingly real-sounding World War 3!  They are cleverly written in dramatic and heartfelt point of views, creatively include world languages using Google Translate, and literally keep readers at the edge of their seats...almost like watching a movie, but better!  Not all series are based on video games, but this one is a true testament to students' creativity and how accessing students' passions can ignite talent and continual learning!  Enjoy the sneak peeks of Hector G.'s "Army Logs" series on ThinkQuest below:

THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING OF A 2056 word Chapter 1!

THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING OF A 2195 word Chapter 2!

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