Thursday, December 15, 2011

African Trans-Saharan Trade Journals

Off to the Sahara Desert we go!  Students once again pretended to be African traders traveling across the treacherous Sahara Desert writing journals using their newly learned written language--Arabic!  In this project, students wrote three journals (beginning, middle, and end of their journey), translated their journals into Arabic, created a visual map of their journey illustrating events, recorded at least one journal entry as an audio file, and uploaded all of the pieces as well as pictures with captions to their "Africa" page along with interactive questions for their classmates to respond to after reading their journal entries.  Enjoy some of their progress and finished products below!

African Trans-Saharan Journals & Maps
African Journals compiled into a scroll

Having fun making them look ancient and authentic!

Students translated journals into Arabic too! (See translation below)

Students read their journals out loud and record audio in the "savanna" outside:
Students use Microsoft One Note and Audacity to record their readings:

Students create a visual map of their journey as well!

Students upload all of their digital components (journal, map, audio, pictures, and interactive questions) on

Students "getting a kick out of" making their journals looks old, 
as if they have "been through the desert"!

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