Friday, September 21, 2012

Community Service in Action!

D.A.T.A.'s 7th grade World Geography students are currently participating in a PBL (Project-Based Learning) unit studying the fall of the Roman Empire and comparing and contrasting its fall to the weaknesses in modern-day America.  Since America is experiencing several similar weaknesses, students are working in teams to develop their own community service projects to help prevent a similar fall of America.  Some teams are addressing the issue of homelessness and beginning fundraisers to create "care kits" for the homeless, another team is attempting to fight crime on our school campus by creating "crime boxes" for anonymous tips on crimes, while others are befriending kids with cancer with teddy bears and foster children with pen pal letters.  On September 20, 2012, one team went on a mission to encourage kids to stay drug-free.  Accompanied by Miss Lukins, the team of four girls visited a fourth-grade classroom at E.P. Foster and presented a PowerPoint and engaged the 4th graders in a VTS (Visible Thinking Strategies) discussion using images comparing and contrasting a drug-addicted and drug-free lifestyle.  They then passed out coloring sheets with "Say No to Drugs" themes that the 4th graders eagerly colored.  At the end of their presentation, the four D.A.T.A. 7th graders were presented with a "police for the day" badge by a Ventura policeman accompanied by Mr. Carlos Covarrubias, principal at E.P. Foster.  The girls left empowered with a memorable experience and the 4th graders were left with an inspirational message to positively influence their lives.  Way to go D.A.T.A. scholars!  Your community service is making an impact in people's lives!

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