Monday, September 17, 2012

Connecting the Roman Empire to America through Community Service

After comparing and contrasting the weaknesses of the Roman Empire to America, students in room A-4 are on a mission to prevent America from falling like the Roman Empire!  Working in teams, students are creating community service projects to target America's weaknesses such as homelessness, vandalism, crime, drugs, bullying, starvation, disease, etc. After planning a community service project (based on similar weaknesses to the Roman Empire and internet research), students design posters to show the steps of implementing their community service and the cause and effects of the impact of their service.  Finally, students create eye-catching flyers to showcase and advertise their community service projects.  Experience student interaction and excitement to save America in the photos below!  Also, stay tuned for their finished presentations of the complete project...

Video of Cause & Effect of Fall of Roman Empire:
Video of explanation of Community Service (using flyer):

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