Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Oscar Movie Day!" - Point of View Movies

Students enjoyed a fun-filled day in Room A-4 on Friday watching each other's Point of View movies while reenacting an "Academy Awards" ceremony in the classroom!  Students entered the class on a "red carpet" while "paparazzi" cameras flashed taking their photos!  Students enjoyed popcorn and awarded each other with "Oscars" for categories such as "Best Cinematography," "Best Animation," "Best Screenplay," "Best Picture," and more!  The Point of View movies based on real or invented stories) included hand-created sets/characters, their very own digital photography, text/voice narration, sound/music, and much creativity all using MovieMaker Live!  Despite a few spelling errors (Remember to proofread!), the movies turned out great!  Enjoy a few finished products and festivities below:

Movie directors (a.k.a. students) and "actors" were greeted 
as they walked the "red carpet" into class!
"Paparazzi" snapped photos of the "stars"!

(It just so happened to be "Decades Day" at D.A.T.A. today too!)

 Enjoying popcorn and the movies!

 Who will win for BEST FILM?
 Students handed out "Oscars" based on several categories!

"Some Summer Salad": 

"Once Upon a Sheep":

"Cinnamon Toast Crunch Commercial":

"Eeyore and the Lost Tail":

"For the Birds":

"Hunger Games":

"The Lollipop Adventure":

"The Great Battle for Yeldarb Forest":


"Ted the Monkey's Quest for Bananas":

"The Mysterious Treasure":

"Candy Crusade":

"The Worst Thing to Happen at School":

"Odysseus and the Bronze Birds":

"Shrek and Donkey":

"The Ice Cream":

"Operation Chili":

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