Sunday, May 5, 2013

"I'm Editor-in-Chief" Magazine Project!

Last week each student in Room A-4 became an editor-in-chief of their very own magazine!  To practice functional reading, students will preview (real documents), plan, and publish their own letters from the editor, advertisements, news articles, technical directions, and several other types of pages seen in magazines today.  Students began by analyzing and taking notes on real advertisements seen in magazines, billboards, online, and more!  Then, students created their very own advertisements to become pages in their very own published magazine. The magazine project will become the students 4th quarter district benchmark test, which is an oral presentation, in which they must present their magazine within an Adobe portfolio to the class (including a show-and-tell or demonstration) trying to persuade their classmates to subscribe to their magazines!  Check out the entire project from last year here!  Check out some finished ads below--several students even added 21st century twists to their ads with their very own created QR codes too!  They even enjoyed following the codes using their Smart Phones to find out more about each other's products!

Even a commercial advertisement:

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