Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tech & Art in Miss Lukins's Classroom - Thank You Donors!

I started a GoFundMe campaign to encourage creativity in my classroom during Teacher Appreciation week, as GoFundMe will match $100 raised for teachers!  Your generous donations have not only enabled me to earn the $100 from GoFundMe, but to also begin purchasing fun arts & crafts supplies for our upcoming Renaissance Faire! On June 2, 2016, students will be dressed in character as eminent people from the Renaissance era displaying their creative and innovative PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE posters and artifacts at a school-wide faire (see photos from last year's faire)! Thank you again! Every bit counts and students will have a blast, thanks to you! As one big class of 100 students, we're hoping to reach (or even exceed!) the $1000 goal, so spread the word! Thanks again!
(You can also read the full campaign description at this link and see more photos of how creativity and innovation are already at work!)

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