Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Virtual Reality in Room A-4 - Traveling Around the World!

Today, students in Miss Lukins's World Geography class had the chance to experience virtual reality using Google Cardboard!  Students took "virtual field trips" to places all over the world! These included places we studied this year, such as the Roman Colosseum and Venice, Italy, as well as an "arctic journey".  We even tested out Google Cardboard Camera and created a virtual reality clip of my classroom!  Students combined the virtual reality with VTS activities, participating in virtual tours combined with writing and drawing exercises!  It was the most exciting day of my teaching career!  What fun to see students' pure joy as they traveled around the world and experienced it in such a tangible way!  Even better, a student led the class in using the devices and was an amazing teacher!  Thank you, Jet, for leading the class, and thank you, students, for a most excellent day! 

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