Monday, March 26, 2012

Point of View Movies - "Flickr Five Frames"

Can you tell a story in 5 pictures?  That is the challenge posted by Flickr called "Flickr Five Frames".  Students were challenged to take a familiar story or create one of their own and "tell" the story through 5 photos using digital cameras.  What a great way to review the elements of plot!  To add standards to the project, students were challenged by Miss Lukins to tell the same story in the three different points of view:  first person, third person omniscient, and third person limited.  Students accomplish this task by creating movies using MovieMaker Live to combine their photos, narration in text/audio in the three points of views, and sound/music.  Enjoy the process--storyboard, creating characters/setting, photography, and movie-making--below!

Below is a random assortment of student photos...MOVIES TO COME SOON!

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