Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A-4 Academy Awards - Point of View Movie Day!

Students enjoyed a fun-filled day in Room A-4 today watching each other's Point of View movies while reenacting an "Academy Awards" ceremony in the classroom!  Students entered the class on a "red carpet" while "paparazzi" cameras flashed taking their photos!  Students enjoyed popcorn and awarded each other with "Oscars" for categories such as "Best Cinematography," "Best Animation," "Best Screenplay," "Best Picture," and more!  The Point of View movies included hand-created sets/characters, their very own digital photography, text/voice narration, sound/music, and much creativity all using MovieMaker Live!  Click here to see the process on the previous blog post.  Despite a few spelling errors (Remember to proofread!), the movies turned out great!  Enjoy a few finished products and festivities below:

Curious George
Omniscient Point of View
First Person Point of View:
Third Person Limited Point of View:

The Apple Named Cornelius & the Bunny:

Star Wars - The Run to Planet Earth

Bobo Kong - Omniscient:
Bobo Kong - First Person:

Daniel the S'more's Tragic Life:

Operation Lemonade:

The Rabid Dog - An Original Movie:

The Three Little Pigs - Third Person Limited POV:

Goldilocks & the Three Bears:


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Omniscient:

Humpty Dumpty - Third Person Omniscient:


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