Friday, October 21, 2011

D.A.T.A. Loves Data! - Benchmark Test Analysis and Reflection

Students spent class time today analyzing, reflecting on, and celebrating their Language Arts Benchmark scores from Quarter 1.  Miss Lukins returned to them their answer sheets with a small slip stapled to it printed from Illuminate (data assessment program used to grade benchmarks and give reports).  On the small slip students were able to see their number correct on the test, percentage, and performance band (Advanced, Proficient, etc.).  Students completed these tasks in order:
  1. Highlighted their score and performance band.
  2. Highlighted the standard in which they scored the lowest to help them focus on a standard to improve next quarter.
  3. Celebrated each standard they mastered with a perfect score by raising their hands as Miss Lukins explained each standard.
  4. Wrote on the back of their sheet, 3 sentences explaining why they received the score they received.  Here are the questions to help them with their responses:
  5. Graphed their score using their percentage.
  6. Wrote a goal for quarter 2 and three ways to achieve that goal.
  7. With a partner, looked back at the benchmark test questions they missed and discovered why they missed them or how they would correct them.
  8. Miss Lukins then showed students on the screen each question with the percentage correct and incorrect.  She showed actual questions that the whole class scored the highest in and the questions that were toughest for the class.
  9. Celebrated success and willingness to improve! 
  10. "100 % Club!" Way to go students! (above and below)
  11. Celebration for a 100% Proficient and Advanced GATE class!

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  1. LOVE it! Great work Ms. Lukins and class. I am so pleased to see you reflecting on your success which will, no doubt, breed more success!