Saturday, October 29, 2011

Islam Investigation! - Arabian Peninsula

Students investigate the history of the religion of Islam through a series of research and cross-curricular language arts and world geography activities on (our online classroom).  For each sub-standard of the Islam 7.2 state standard, students visit an interactive page that guides them through related web sites, videos, maps, and more!  Then, students use their learning to participate in message boards and debates within each page.  Finally, students are challenged to create a final piece of their learning for that standard that exemplifies what they have learned! See examples of the process and final pieces below for 7.2.1 standard on the Arabian Peninsula:

7.2.1 Arabian Peninsula
Students research the location, land, climate, nomadic and city life of the Arabian Peninsula:
Students participate in cross-curricular message boards about adjectives and suffixes:
Students research the nomadic life of the Bedouins, compare and contrast their lives to Bedouins' lives, and create a postcard to send home as if they visited a Bedouin camp:

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