Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Fall of Rome" PBL Oral Presentation Day!

On October 4 & 5, 2011, seventh grade students gave oral presentations in teams on "The Fall of Rome & Preventing America from a Fall", which was the culmination of a PBL (Project-Based Learning) unit for seventh grade World Geography.  Performing in collaborative teams, students reported on their top three reasons Rome fell, they encouraged the audience with a community service project idea created by their team, and finally they reflected on how this project could help prevent America from a fall like that in Rome.  Presentations included skits, puppet shows, artistic posters, business cards, community service flyers, DYKNOW presentations with interactive questions, audience interaction, PowerPoint presentations, and Movie-Maker movies (with music, videos, news casts, narration, skits, commercials, and more!).  What a fun day and a great way to celebrate and share student learning and success!  

Read a news article about D.A.T.A. and this project in the Ventura County Star!
Here are some fun videos and student work samples:

Other snippets including:
"Helping Homeless Hearts" community service video including 
"Top 3 Reasons for Rome's Fall" using video clips from History Channel

News cast in the form of a puppet show

Inspirational Community Service Video!

Presentations incorporating video

Interviewing staff members on littering

Inspirational PowerPoint Presentations

Student-created fliers for team community service projects:

Students reflect on their presentations through message boards on ThinkQuest:


Weeks later...some students even used their knowledge of the Roman Empire to create a "Cell City" in their science class.  Students wrote similes for each part of the human cell comparing each part to a piece of a city.  Below are pictures from a "Roman Cell City":

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