Friday, October 7, 2011

Roman Games...21st Century Style!

Students wrap up the Roman Empire unit with a fun-filled day of Roman games...21st-century style!  After showing off their learning on a Roman Empire Test, students create clever picture collages of the Roman Empire and have fun playing educational computer games and activities using a "Roman Empire iPad" made especially for them by Miss Lukins!  Games and activities include an archaeological dig, building an aqueduct, virtual flythroughs, creating online mosaics, gladiator combat, detective games, Roman numeral quizzes, and more!  Enjoy the photos below:
Roman iPad full of fun activities!
Creating an online mosaic!

A creative Colosseum collage!

Becoming a Roman detective!

A clever collage of Circus Maximus!

An archaeological dig for Roman ruins!

Roman ruins uncovered!

Listening to experts to uncover the truth!

Collaborating in teams!

Lots of activities to choose from!

Roman iPad - full of surprises!

Roman Empire quizzes!

Digging for ancient ruins!

Learning while having fun!

A Roman Colosseum built with paper and on PowerPoint!

Students access the iPad and other activities on

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